Surfline founder,Sean Collins dies at 59!

Sean Collins,founder of Surfline.The most viewed surf report in the world,has died.He died of a massive Heart attack at the age of 59 yrs.No one man helped more people plan their surftrips then Sean.Even before surfline people would call Sean at home to ask his advice.Some times it was a caller saying”I got your number from a friend”.Needles to say,Sean didn’t mind helping out a fellow surfer.He was just that kind of guy!I knew Sean as I know most surfers,from the waters perspective.But I also work for Sean at surfline in the early days(pre-internet).I covered the Malibu-Zuma-Ventura County Line,surf reports for over 14 years.He help me hone my surf forecasting skills(I’m one of the most actuate forecasters thanks to him).Sean,loved helping people get the most out of their surf secession.Thanks,Sean and God bless your soul.We miss you already.Wal

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