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HIGH SURF ADVISORY!Hurricane Sandy gives Jersey Shore a POUNDING!

Jersey Shores,as much of the Eastern seaboard have bin blown,flooded and “POUNDED” by a vicious storm swell.The “PUNISHING” storm is generating waves in the 20-25feet(10-12foot,Hawai’i scale) range.At it’s peak,”ROGUE” waves as high as 30 feet(15 foot Hawai’i scale) were recorded on the Long Islands South west Shoreline.

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Surfline founder,Sean Collins dies at 59!

Sean Collins,founder of Surfline.The most viewed surf report in the world,has died.He died of a massive Heart attack at the age of 59 yrs.No one man helped more people plan their surftrips then Sean.Even before surfline people would call Sean at home to ask his advice.Some times it was a caller saying”I got your number […]

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SURF REPORT:Mixed NW/SW swell(s).3′-5’ft.Some set(s) in the 7’ft.range.The NW swell is biginng to backoff a lil’.Shape is good. SURF FORCAST:SW swell 4′-6’ft.w/some set(s) in the 8’ft.range peaking Monday.Holding for Tuesday,then slowly backing down through mid-week. CONDITION(s):Good shape w/offshore wind(s) until’Wensday-Thursday.

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